Tips For Installing Skylights

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Skylights are a popular addition to homes nowadays due to their many merits. Not to add, there have been many innovations with regards to these windows, which has allowed for more variation and for better flexibility with regards to circumstances. Below are some tips to consider when installing a skylight in your home:

  • Ask a professional – the first and most obvious tip is to always consult professionals. Installing Velux windows on your roof can be quite easy – especially if you are handy at do-it-yourself jobs, but it always pays off to get an initial consultation from a professional before you go ahead and drill into your roof. There can always be complications you might not realize from the outset, but a professional can easily point these out to you, and often, also give you helpful pointers on what you should be doing. Of course, if you are planning on having a professional do the installation for you, the point is moot.
  • Roof types and skylight types – whether you are going to rely on Velux roof windows or some other supplier, roof compatibility is an important point to focus on. As you would know, there are different types of skylights Sydney prices, and the materials that are used make for a major distinction. Plastic or glass is used for the panes, but keep in mind that there are different qualities and types for both types. With regards to plastic skylights, most roofs are compatible, but glass windows sometimes won’t be installed if the roof exceeds an inclination angle of fifteen degrees. It is best to discuss with your supplier in this regard – different suppliers have different standards for their products.
  • Venting or fixed? – as the name suggests, venting and fixed skylights differ on the point that the former can be opened, and the latter cannot. Venting skylights tend to usually feature a remote control for remote operation, but they can also be manually operated (this largely depends on whether you can reach the skylight or not). The main point of contest when picking one over the other is the issue of leaking – fixed skylights are more secure, whereas venting skylights can leak through.
  • Glazing – glazing is important to consider if energy efficiency is important to you, and if the climate in your area tends to have distinct seasonal variations. Glazing refers to the number of panes installed in the window – a single pane allows for a greater heat loss (and works better in a hot climate, such as the tropics). On the other hand, two or more panes retain more heat, and are better suited to regions in the higher latitudes.
    • Shapes – and finally, do not forget about shapes? Whilst the usual skylight one tends to see is the square window, this is by no means the only type of skylight, and certainly not always the best option for your specific circumstances. Make sure to talk with the professionals involved in the installation process, as well as your suppliers, to gain a better idea of what fits your house (or more specifically, your room and roof are in question) better.